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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Blue American

I woke up this morning with a vicious migraine, and I was lucky enough to combat it with Excedrin. I have a window of about half an hour when it starts for any medication to work. Three groups of women were in the cafe today chattering away at a slightly obnoxious volume which caused the migraine to come creeping back, and I thought I was done for. Usually if I can't catch it in time, I am rendered immobile and damn near catatonic, my migraines need dark silence Excedrin and sleep.

My wrist feels better today, I wore the brace overnight and put it on after my shift. Perhaps it is just a sprain.

I've had Placebo's Blue American stuck in my head today, it's such a great song. Like most Placebo songs, it makes me kind of melancholy.
I got a comment on my last entry that was a link to Russian porn. Awesome. European porn is kind of gross, since the people in them are usually ridiculously hairy and ugly. I like my Ron Jeremies American, thank you very much, Russian spammer.

iamxander1986 is in class until 9.00 tonight and I have a couple of hours to myself. I kind of like that. I get to sit and relax. Maybe I'll read or take a bubble bath. I am re-reading The Millenium Triology, my Mum gave me The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest for Christmas. I was so excited. I can't wait to re-read it. There seems to be a lot of mixed opinions on that particular series, my Mum didn't like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, so she hasn't read the other two. iamxander1986 didn't like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo either, but enjoyed the movie. I am really dreading the American version of the film. How can Daniel Craig come anywhere near Michael Nyqvist's stellar performance as Mikael Blomkvist? Noomi Rapace was everything my brain pictured Lisbeth Salander to be, and she was really damned hot with the spiked collar. After looking it up on IMDB, I've definitely decided to abstain from the American version of the film.  Stupid Hollywood.

Tomorrow is going to be an awesome fun filled day of..............CHORES! Woo! Laundry, dishes, litter boxes. Ah the excitement. I think we'll still have game tomorrow, which will be awesome. Hopefully iamxander1986 will finally drop a box of Lucky Charms on Mario and kill his character. The way Mario plays his character is so annoying I want to punch things.

Current Mood: nerdynerdy
Current Music: Placebo-Twenty Years