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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Pictures!Collapse )Well, Livejournal, it finally happened. After years of wanting it, I finally have my Sweetcharade tattoo My right arm is no longer pathetic and naked. Sunday iamxander1986 and I went into Cutthroat Tattoo on Brady St and got poked. A lot. I originally chose Cutthroat because of their sign, which I thought was brilliant. I feel I made the right choice. Our guy's name is Harry, and he was laid back and meticulous. He went over every line with a precision and skill I had yet to see with any of my tattoo artists.

The whole process took about half an hour, yet it felt like five minutes. I love the bite of the needle, I love watching the artist bent over my flesh in concentration, the little bits of blood and ink running down my skin. It's such an interesting experience, and so satisfying. I also had the Love on my arm touched up, and it now looks better than it did when I first got it. I have recommended Harry to Crocostimpy Superbleeder, and I really hope he gets more business, he deserves it.

iamxander1986  got Tali's name tattooed on his upper arm, and it is absolutely beautiful and intricate.

We also recently got laptops, he now has a MacBook and I an Asus. The novelty of laying in bed and being on the Internet has yet to wear off.

We've been a bit lucky the past few weeks. we've had Tali for almost a month and when we haven't been stressed out from the constant bustle of parenthood, we have been having a blast with her. She's only had a couple of bratty days the entire time she's been with us, which is very nice. She's been babbling up a storm with a few real words here and there. She still calls me NaNa and occasionally Mama, she still calls iamxander1986 DaDa and often DahEe. She's also learned "Bye" and now meows with the cats. I love her so much, she always seems to have a smile for me.
Yesterday I mildly freaked out when I found her Tigger in my bed, from the moment she came home from the hospital she's slept with it. When she's here, I always make sure she has her Tigger and her Gloworm in her crib. I was worried about her sleeping alone because she didn't have Tigger and I couldn't find the Gloworm. I don't even remember dropping Tigger back in her crib this morning, but he is now safe and sound guarding her dreams.

School is going pretty well for iamxander1986 , he is excelling in a couple of classes to the point where he is helping other students with their math. I am very proud of him.

PicturesCollapse )

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