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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

You know, people are fuckin dumb. Work was ok, we were dead so I was bored alot. So, I called my ex today, just to see what was up. God it was funny. Alright I was talkin to me mate Chad and then we got to talking about him, so Chad gives me his new celly number and I call and hes a like "hey" and I'm all "hey whats up?" and hes all "who is this?" im all "Jen" "who?" "Jen, jesus I haven't talked to you in forever and you've already forgotten me?" and I was laughing. So he takes the phone away from his ear "how the fuck did she get my number?!" and someone goes "who?" and hes all "Jen" and theyre all "who?"
he goes "my ex-girlfriend I don't wanna fuckin talk to her" and then hangs up on me. I spent about an hour laughing. Chad tells me he's dating someone who looks like me, which bothered me at first but now I realise he's still got a thing for me. I practically die laughing just thinking he's still in the past. Boys are stupid.....rofl

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Peter Gabriel- I Grieve- City of Angels Soundtrack

is that who i think it is????


~giggle~ yep......