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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Happy birthday to the greatest writer of all time-William Shakespeare. A man whose work has inspried me to write and turn words into something beautiful and pure. I'm listening to a cd that Matt sent me for my birthday. It's really good so far. Oh yeah I guess I should say happy birthday to myself as well, but fuck it. Shakespeare's so much more important. Things are ok, I'm just bouncing around to happy groovy English music.

Current Mood: and smeggy just for Matt
Current Music: A-Something's Going On

Happy Birthday my fellow vampiric sis!

Why thank ya, me evil twin ~passes some yummy blood~


DOH! I am such an idiot. *bashes me head against the wall* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, this might have been on time if I were actually here, or had access to a computer, however I was dragged away for few days. Love ya sis. -Meg-

OI!!!!!!!!! No bashin yer head against the wall. You weren't there, and I haven't been home since Tuesday anyway. Gawd,sis, funerals suck. ~sigh~ Thank you, though. I love you sis xxxxxx