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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I wrote this a coupla hours ago, strange to see that I couldn't express this kind of pain when I actually felt it. And, Ty, I apologise if this is too long!

Letter To No-one:
Dear (insert name here):
Hi, I know it’s been awhile,
But silly me I had a thought.
Your name and face haunted my dreams,
So here I am writing this to you
Wishing I knew where things went wrong,
Wondering why I loved you,
Wondering why you left me far behind,
To reach into my own depths,
To heal my wounded soul.

But what I really want to know,
How did your soul heal?
Did you find yourself born again in the chasms of ecstasy and acid?
Did you love again through your binges?
And did your friends teach you the meaning of everything?
Did you die inside every time you saw me?
Did you read every note I quietly slipped into your back pocket?
I’m sure you didn’t, and I’m sure that you won’t read this.
Stupid me, though, I have to try.
I have to tell you things.

My soul didn’t heal as well as yours,
I drowned my sorrows in nothing,
While my best friend couldn’t comfort me,
I drowned in my depths,
As you pushed me further away.
I poured myself into the sea
And as I floated into nothingness,
My heart ceased its aching,
And my soul, slowly healed,
As I began to breathe again.

Current Mood: bleh,sad,n tired mix
Current Music: Candlebox-Far Behind