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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
lying fucking bastards!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright. Doug didn't lie to me. Harmonie didn't lie to me. Sam Goody lied to me!!!!!! Alright, those of you who read my fucked up pathetic life know how excited I was to be selling Spirit Creek in the store. Well, guess what. We have no Spirit Creek in our store. I'm so annoyed about that. ~sigh~ How can they sell if we don't carry them?

HEH! I'm supposed to meet my father at IHOP on saturday. If he shows up watch for flying pork products. Seriously. I guess it's a good thing if he does show up and if we do talk, because then I get a chance to try to connect with my father, but I'm scared. I don't really know my father. We've talked on occasions when I've seen him at my sister's and at Rachel's funeral. I think if this happens it would be good to try and get over the fact that he was never around due to the divorce. I'm a bit too cynical when it comes to this I expect. ~bows head~ Good luck, Jen

Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: 3 Doors Down-Loser (heh my song)

Sorry that the store doesn't have any Spirit Creek. That really sucks. You can still brainwash everyone into ordering the cd anyway however.

I, of course, wish you the best of luck with your father, and will hope that things go well enough so that there are no flying pork products, or anything else for that matter. I think fathers in general are rather scary people, but then again I have issues. *hahaha*
Oh and it can't be your song because your not a loser so neener.
Love ya sis

Megsy, of course it's my song. I am the god of losers you know that :p
Yeah, I'm sorry we dont have any Spirit Creek, too. I haven't told Doug yet. I don't know if I should. Yes, well, there were no flying pork products on saturday. My father bought me brekkie, and we had a nice talk, and we get along ok. I've figured it out though, I get my personality from my mom, but my thought processes and everything come from daddy as well as my overabundance of testosterone......lol Next time I see you online, I'll tell you all about it sissypoo. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Alright you wench. I keep checking and checking, and you have nothing new to interest me! WTF????? Would you write again already!!!

You know who...

p.s. only 15 days!!!!!!!!

WTF indeed, mate. My life isn't interesting, so why do you bother? Ya skank :p I update when I have things to talk about or when exciting things happen or whatever. I'm sorry if you can't hack it. :p ~giggle~ Yer gettin excited, countin down the hours minutes and seconds as well? :p