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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
poems, quotes n other bits and peices

Well, well, my faithful subjects it has been awhile hasnt it? ~giggle~ I'm kidding, you all don't love me that much. The past week has been pretty eventful. Doug from Spirit Creek has been in an accident. He's ok though, that makes me happy. Check out www.spiritcreek.com for the story, Doug told Ken that he'd put it in the Doug's Diary section of the site. Speaking of Ken, he hates me. For silly reasons really, but if he's going to be a dick about what I did on Friday at Spirit Creek, then he has to deal with it. I have a new love in my life. After recently seeing the movie Quills, my interest has been sparked in the Marquis de Sade. I picked up a biography on him last week and I am enjoying it, I think I will soon invest in some of his novels, old school eroticisim at its best I feel.
Last night, my sister and I went to see Poison, Cinderella,Winger and Faster Pussycat. I have no idea wtf Faster Pussycat is, but they *SUCK*, Winger sucked balls, man, but Cinderella was really fun. Poison was awesome as always. The highlight of my evening was before the concert even started. Poison guitarist CC Deville was on stage while Faster Pussycat's roadies were doing a quick sound check. I smacked Carrie's arm to get her attention and said "I think that's CC." So I looked and indeed it was CC. I waved and yelled "Wassup CC?" and he turned around with this big ass smile on his face and waved back at me. I was sooooo stoked. I turned beet red and couldn't shut up about it. Drummer Rikki Rockkett was on stage during Faster Pussycat's set as he had been last year during Enuff Znuff (I would like to state prolly for the umpteenth time who the fuck is Enuff Znuff?!), and I had been debating on whether or not I should have gone up there, and said a quick hello to him. I never did have the balls to do so, but I wish I did. That would have been really cool. Carrie and I had alot of fun last night. And, now I feel my life is complete. ~giggle~ Monday night I was watching Ren and Stimpy and it was the "Happy happy joy joy episode". Not only was I singing and dancing along with the song, but I was also saying the lines as well. I musta looked really fucking dumb. And now ladies and gentlemen on to our favourite portion of the show: Poems and Quotes. ~clap clap cheer cheer~

This one was written by my best friend, John Lehman after talking to me about a few problems I had been having. As I know, it is currently untitled.

I had a dream of blood and rain
The velvet tears fall from your eyes
A crystal fountain sadness strained
As crimson rain falls from the skies

The clouds they bleed their love for you
The greedy ground it drinks it up
And blood red flowers in the fields
Catch the blood in reddened cups

A poem by the Marquis de Sade to dear friend Mlle. de Rousset. I'll post it in French and then English.

Ce sera par le soins touchants
D'une amitie sincere et pure
Present divin, que la nature
Nous fit pour nous dedommager
Ou plutot pour nous alleger
Les maux, le chagrins qu'elle donne
Dieu charmant dont en vous, ma bonne,
Le temple saint elle erigea
Souffrez qu'unn culte delicat
Aille la seul lui rendre hommage,
Et qu'il en recoive pour gage,
Au leiu des myrtes de l'amour
Que le plaisir fane en un jour,
Cette couronne qu'elle erige
A des feux pur et sans prestige....

You will still bring me joy
Through the cares you employ,
And your pure and true friendship
Is nature's path to redemption,
Soothing the sorrow
That may come tomorrow.
Dear one, it's in you that God built
A sacred shrine to a cult,
So that one can render homage
And enjoy as image
Not the laurel's of love's pleasures,
Which soon wither through time's measure
But the crown which it fashions
To pure and chaste fashions.

From Petrarch Sonnet 59:
O voi che travagliate, ecco il cammino,
Venite a me se'l passo altri no serra
(Oh, you who're suffering, come to me,
Here's the way, if no one stands between us)
I think that was Latin, I don't know for sure though. Here's another bit from Petrarch. From poem 246 of his Canzoniere:
L'aura, che'l verd laureo e l'aureo crine
soavemente sospirando move,
fa con viste leggiiadre e nove
l'anime da'lor corpi pellegrine
("The breeze that, when gently sighing, moves the green laurel tree and the golden mane of hair, through its gracious
and novel movements also leads souls to
escape from their bodies")
Beautiful, isn't it?
From Ralph Waldo Emerson:
"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you"

I myself have nothing to add to this, for my own words would cheapen the beauty of the words of these three men. And that now is the end of another not quite mildly exciting in a quite boring kinda way update from the mind of Jen. See yas on da flip side ~giggle~

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