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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

This was interesting. Tonight as I was checking my hotmail I got an invite to a Spirit Creek yahoo group. I was actually quite surprised to find that the person who had invited me is Ken. Maybe he doesn't hate me quite as much rofl. I dunno, though. Hopefully this little yahoo group will work out. That'd be fuckin wicked. I'm not sure really if I have anything else to say. I enjoyed my day off immensely. Today was the most I've talked to Matt in quite a while, and I feel happier cos of it. I dunno, today was just a good day. I've been smiling all day, I'm such a gimp, but dammit I'm a happy gimp.

Jen: why the Spirit Creek group invite? you hate me
Ken:I need ppl to start, even if its you. and you know how to reach more ppl than I do.
Jen: barely rofl, i dont know that many people into spirit creek
Ken: you seemed to know that one girl fairly well at the concert
Ken: ask her to join, adn get her to get others
Jen: i kinda know shayna but i dont know her well enough to know if she has email or not

Ken: ok then
Jen: shit man i dont even have her number

Ken: ok then jsut forget it. Ill do my best
Jen: ill talk to mike and jay and see if i can help

Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: Setting Sun-Chemical Bros. wit Noel Gallagher