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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Writing during a thunderstorm. Outside. Very theraputic. So I was mad inspired, and these came out of the storm and recent events. I know how you feel about expressing my feelings about us in "public", but I want you to know, and everyone else as well that I love you.

Mystic Dreams:

Dreaming in love,
Its colours pasteled.
Simple and true,
Like white flash of lightning
The beauty lingers.

Dreaming in passion,
Its colours bright.
Desire reflected in eyes
Rythm changes,
The need to be one remains.

Dreaming in depression,
Its colours bleak.
The thick grey fog consumes
The spark in eyes fade,
Forever lost amongst the fog.

Dreaming in hatred,
Its colours blinding.
Unfolding in time
Rolling like thunder,
Love flees.

All these dreams,
We've had.
Colours changing
Like emotions yet,
Our souls survive.

In these dreams,
We freely be who we want.
You remain my heart
And I remain,
Your mystic dream.

Raging Storm/Love

Anger rages in the storm outside
Crystal tears fall from clouds
Passion flares in lightning flash

Anger rages inside you
Crystal tears fall from my eyes
Passion flares in our voices

Emotions rolls with the thunder
Anger, passion become one
Pain, tears mingle on my cheeks

A simple storm reflects us
Intense, beautiful pure
Anger, sadness, passion collide

Two souls meet, engage
The storm of love rages
Souls of two become one

Current Mood: lovedloved
Current Music: Oasis-Force of Nature

mmm very nice there chicka... wonderful as per usual