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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
well la di freakin da

Good Christ it's been awhile, eh? I went to Green Bay this past weekend, didn't do me very good either. See, I had this big ass fuckin boil on me bum, and by Sunday all I could do was cry. So when we got back we went to a clinic to get it lanced. Fuck did it hurt. It took them forever to find the shit they needed. Doctor guy was nice tho, when he was deadening it he tried to get me where he'd already injected the novacaine or whatever it was so it wouldn't hurt as badly. He musta stuck me a dozen times and every fucking time I screamed for my mom. It was "owww MOMMY!!!!!" and my mom was *right* there too. He stopped every now and then and I said "Can I breathe now?" and he said yesh, and after I'd recovered my breath he stuck me again. When he was done he dribbled some cold stuff onto me bum, and I went "eek", made the incison (I screamed) and the i bust out "omg thats hot!" and he starts squeezing, trying to get all the pus and gook out of it. It hurt like hell, and it smelled really badly cos of the infection. And after what seemed like forever, he bandaged me up, and it felt so fucking good to be able to walk again. He prescribed an antibiotic for 14 days, but just as we were leaving the receptionist, ran back out and told us to come back in. The doctor had found some samples for this antibiotic, he found 9 days worth, so he gave us that and also prescribed a painkiller. This antibiotic is a form of amoxicillin, and unfortunately its powder so I have to mix it. It's disgusting on the bottle it says Orange Raspberry flavour, its just like chalk and nauseates me. He gave us a smaller prescription and the pills are *huge* 875 milligrams of amoxicillin twice a day for 5 days. *JOY* I have to go back tomorrow so he can take the packing and stuff out of it and check for more pus pockets, I hope it's all good now cos this thing has gotten on my last nerve this past weekend. Alright, enough of the gross shit now, lol.
At Wallgreens yesterday, I saw my best friend from freshman year, and it was awesome, I'm gonna call him tomorrow. I've missed him alot. This evening has been good, too. LeVeque emailed me and we're gonna try to get together for lunch this week, so *yay!*. I'm also in an IM with one of my bestest friends ever, Ron. I havent talked to him in ages, it's great. Damn I need some Powdered Toast ~giggle~ Awwwww, my poor baby. Matt as scared shitless tonight. A moth flew in his ear. He rushed to the hospital, and just about an hour after he got there he called me to tell me that it's ok. We're both *really* glad he's ok, cos the moth was fighting to get out and scraping on his eardrum, it couldn't have been pretty. He made me really proud when he got home cos he killed all the moths in his house. I hate moths, and now I hate them even more, fucking bastard creatures! I think I'm running out of things to say now.......see yas soon

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