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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
omg a sad day for me......

One of my favourite bands broke up!!!!! And of course stupid me I have to find this out a year later. Three Minute Hero was a ska band based in Minnesota. Their albums are: Bingo, Everyday Ninjas, and Operation Brown Star. I had the joy of seeing 3MH for the first time in July 1999 at Bastille Days, I was walking to the bus stop after work, and I heard the music thought ~hrmmmm~ and stayed to watch. I saw the most hyper and energetic band ~EVER~. After the show I ran into lead singer, Jeff Nelson and told him they were awesome and asked for a hug and he said he was all sweaty and yuck, but I told him I didn't care and he hugged me!!! I saw them again in June 2000 at Summerfest and they were *amazing*, they were so hyper and I was up at the frint with my friend Nick just abouncin away. The drummer, Jonathan and guitarist Jay did an awesome cover of the music for Iron Man. I saw them for a second time that year the Saturday of Bastille about a week or so later and I fell in love with em all over again. After the show, I went to talk to Jeff and i asked him if he remembered a girl coming up to him in 99 and asking him for a hug. He said yes and when I told him I was that girl he smiled and hugged me and asked me how I was and stuff. The next day was the last time I saw them. Jeff was introing a song and I gave a squeal cos I really liked that song and he stepped to the side of the stage and clapped for me and when they took their break Jeff hugged me and I thanked him for the applause and he said I deserved it. Before they left we exchanged hugs and cya next years. Unfortunatly they didn't come back to Milwaukee and now I know why. And in honor of 3mh, here is my favourite thing they did at the end of their gigs. *kix* we kick to remember we kick to forget we kick to dismember we kick to behead but most importantly we kick to honor 3MH!
*sigh* pump the monkey coffin full of cheese indeed........

Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: 3MH-Spider Monkey