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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Allo! These first four poems are Matt's. His words are beautiful, yet simple. Deep and profound. I could never find the words to express how his words affect my soul, nor could I ever describe how he himself affects me.

The End?
© 2001 Matthew Butcher

Darkness with no light
Despair with no hope
Hatred with no love
Sadness with no joy
Wandering aimlessly onward
Blinded by conflicting thoughts
Disoriented by muffled voices
Confused, unsure and lonely
Looking for some landmark
Seeing nothing but reflections
Desperately crying out for help
Hearing nothing but echoes
Being choked by conscience
Consumed by the guilt of past sins
Haunted by voices old and new
Each one piercing the soul like a needle
Knowing there is only one way from here
Only one way for the pain to relent…
Falling not only toward death; also freedom
Approaching a release, and a new beginning
Smiling for the first time in so, so long
Comforting thud as body meets earth
Feeling the mind clear and the voices fade
Guided onward to a new existence...
Light with no darkness
Hope with no despair
Love with no hatred
Joy with no sadness

What Is Love?
© 2001 Matthew Butcher
I can't help but wonder each day of my life
Will the light of true love ever shine down on me?
But then I reflect and I think to myself
What is this feeling I yearn for so greatly?

Love is the feeling of being as one
With someone who feels the same way about you.
It's not about lust, though lust can be a part.
It's a spiritual bond, which no one can undo.

Love can be pleasure, just as easily pain.
People in love are more fragile than others.
Words can hurt more, or bring so much joy
When they pass from the sensuous lips of two lovers.

Love is a word, just four simple letters
But its power is awesome and the stakes are so high.
To have someone special whisper "I love you"
Is to be handed a gift that no money could buy.

Love is a word that should come from the heart
And must not be used lightly or said as a lie.
If you use the word wrongly, and build on such falsehood
The eventual torment can make grown men cry.

So, what is this thing called love that I seek?
Is it worth all the worry of heartache and sorrow?
I know it is, as to take a chance now
Could lead to the bliss of true love for tomorrow

© 2001 Matthew Butcher
A pain that consumes my heart
Sorrow that knows no bounds
It feels like my world will end
Our parting seems so terribly wrong

I hold your hand and gaze into your eyes
I cannot help but start to cry
I try to be brave, and to be strong
But my emotions, like my tears, flow freely

Against all my feelings, I let your hand go
And something dies in the depths of my soul
We both say those beautiful words "I love you"
I close the car door and head into the night

As I travel through the streets my body is numb and cold
I am driving away from fulfilment and toward emptiness
I can think of nothing but your wonder and beauty
I am leaving my happiness and reason for living

© 2001 Matthew Butcher

I must be the luckiest man in the world
She bestows upon me this most wondrous thing
No money could pay for this heaven-sent vision
I could never have dreamed of the joy it would bring

Each time it feels magical, more than the last
I am so full of wonderment, love and desire
Such beauty I've never been touched by before
My passion for her burns within me like fire

As I sit holding hands with this breathtaking girl
I'm transfixed and nobody could tear us apart
I know that I'll be hers and love her forever
Her beautiful smile has just stolen my heart

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