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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I wrote this for Matt, he likes it a lot, and maybe you people will too. Had to change the title, I thought Angel of Light fit much better.

Angel of Light:

Haloed in gold,
Your eyes alight my soul
Stealing my breath,
And holding me captive.

Your smile gives,
My heart tiny wings
Fluttering in my ribcage,
Stilling all movement.

My heart beats,
Within your breast
I am yours,
Held in place with your words.

Come to me now,
My angel
Let your halo shine,
On my wounded soul.

Speak your words,
My angel
Hold them true,
As I do mine.

Oh my angel,
My love is like a flame
Consuming everything,
Leaving the past in ashes.

Angel that is what you are,
Save my from myself
Guide me into the light,
And your love.

Forever, angel,
That is all I need
Days spent happily,
In your halo of gold.

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Current Music: Earshot-Headstrong-QOTD Soundtrack
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