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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Strange to think, I feel I should update, and yet I have nothing to say. I feel so horribly alone right now. Just full of a hollow ache. I cried a little while ago, and I think it may have scared Matt, simply cos I've never cried for no good reason around him. I'm sorry, babe, for being such an awful wreck. You know that I truly am nothing without you. Work has been interesting. It seems I am slowly getting more hours. Tank has found another part time job, and I think she likes it. Kim's updated her webpage last week, and last week she also met actor/rocker Jared Leto. I think Jared's best known for portraying rocker Jordan Catalano (I know I spelled that wrong but I spelled it phonetically, Kim if you read this give me a clue huh? :p) from ABC teen drama My So Called Life. So anyway, Jared is now frontman for a *great* band 30 Seconds to Mars. They're fucking great check em out sometime and buy their CD!!!!!! Work is going ok so far, I am looking for another job, but I'm doing so unenthusiastically. I need a better job, I know, but I don't want to leave Sam Goody. I do have fun working there. I don't know, it's just fucked up right now. I'm not really in the mood to discuss anything. I'm in this strange sort of mood, I haven't felt it in so long, which explains my earlier inability to identify it. I am violently melancholy. Doesn't that sound pretty?! I should have known though when I put the QOTD soundtrack in the cd player, that even though I'm depressed I don't normally listen to hard rock. I'm fuckin oblivious tonight it seems. Speaking of QOTD..... I've watched that damn movie four times since I got it on Tuesday. I hated the book, but I love the movie. Even though the movie has very little to do with the book. It's more or less a bastardised version of The Vampire Lestat. Maybe it's the music or the fact that it's vampires or just maybe Stuart Townsend as the perfect "Rock God" Lestat, but god damn I love that movie. I actually haven't figured out what I like more the movie or the soundtrack. Ah well. Fuck it. There's this girl I know that I have a really big crush on. Should I have a crush on someone even though I'm engaged? Does the fact that she's female make it different somehow? Raven's a great girl and she's fun to talk too. It actually feels weird calling her "Raven" cos I always called her "Fozzie". We were in chat one night and she said "wocka wocka" and it made me remember. ~laffs~ I suppose I should stop before I ramble on too much. As far as I know, Matt will be giving me a poem to post here, so be on the lookout for that. Peace and love to all.

Current Mood: violently melancholy :o(
Current Music: Static X-Cold-QOTD Soundtrack