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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
~quotes~ "I like my women how I like my coffee, hot and strong, with a spoon in them"

I am bound and determined to be every kind of Eddie Izzard, I am Slut Izzard, Kid Izzard, and now introducing....... By the way, thank you Ken, Monsueir Butch Izzard hisself for linking me to this and making me want to look and this sexy ass picture of Eddie. Oh yeah Ken, cake or death? :p

Which Izzard Are You?

Butch Izzard: More likely to wear a leather jacket than a summer frock, you look at things from a more rambunctious and bronzey kind of way. That doesn't mean that you won't sweet-talk someone, it just means you'll find a better innuendo with which to do it. You'd love to have a cup of coffee.

Which Izzard Are You?Surreal Izzard: You talk bollocks all the time, and don't care who knows it. You are King Pig from Hell, and talk to strange people on buses. Your underwear is consipring against you, and if James Mason was here, he'd have something to say about it. And that something would be WEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOO.