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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
~sings~ you don't need to bother, i don't need to be, i keep slipping farther.......

There is yet another song that fits Jen too perfectly. Makes me cry every fucking time I hear it, playing the MP3 constantly. What makes it worse is we're sold out of this cd at work! Fuck, that sucks. I have great news tho, Matt's coming over in January!!!! We'll be spending his birthday together, I can't wait. For two and a bit weeks, I'll be dropping off the face of the Earth and spending time in his arms. WEEEEEE!!!!! I miss him so damn much. I've talked to Kim about taking a week off, I don't think I can take very much more than that. I need to get ahold of Breezie, too. ~sigh~
I try sometimes to remember what it was like, before Matt. What I do remember scares me. I was dead inside. He has been the sun breaking through a cold February sky. Warm bright and beautiful.
Back to Jen's song of the moment. Stone Sour- Bother. Corey Taylor from Slipknot delivers the perfect manic depressive anthem. Beautiful fucking song. Find it, download it, buy it, watch the video on MTV, whatever it takes, just hear the song. ~cry~

Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: Stone Sour- Bother-MP3

Jen dear you aren't the only one who gets depressed every time she hears that song. I also downloaded it as well. It's a great song and it's so well done. Definitely a good song for us to think to.


What do you need to get ahold of me for? I'm confused!