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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I'm going insane! I'm *so* fucking tired of closing with Jr., I mean he's a good guy and fun to work with, but I can't handle it anymore. I always feel like I can't do anything right anymore. Another round of closing tonight. Gah. I got called into work yesterday, Shami has strep throat. Ouchie. I'm not looking forward to this, at least I'll have Jay to help me keep hold of the last pieces of my insanity. Speaking of Jay, he's written a trilogy of dreams. Angel will be making its third appearance here, but my conscience just won't allow me to post Devil and Purgatory without Angel. Besides, Angel, is one of the most beautiful pieces ever written. I have fallen for Angel, lol. Ah well, on to Jay's poems.

The Trilogy:
Written by John Lehman, 2002


I had a dream of blood and rain
The velvet tears fell from your eyes
A crystal fountain, sadness strained
As bloody rain fell from the skies

The clouds they bleed their love for you
The greedy ground it drinks it up
And reddened flowers in the fields
They catch the blood in reddened cups

And I would like
To see
A shooting star reflected in your eyes

With the power of your smile
A thousand suns will rise

And there’ll be light
I’ll look to you and not go blind
And at the sight
Angel fall from the sky

To seek heaven in you arms
Keep you safe from harm and pain

And falls the rain
Dark falls the rain


I had a dream of fire and ice
The shadow falls across your eyes
Dark black rage that burns within
The innocent shall pay the price

The people run in mortal fear
The flames they leap to block the ways
This cave, this tomb their final rest
From sinning in their living days

This dark despair
Their pay
The lives they ruined call for revenge

The smoky air
Is gray
From souls devoured from within

The demons laugh
To see the havoc that they wreak
The blood they shed
They pour it from the highest peak

The masses writhe
And dark the rain that washes them
An evil tithe
To defile these the souls of men

And falls the rain
Dark falls the rain


I had a dream of darkened streets
Shuttered windows, bolted doors
People kneeling at the feet
Of all who promise something more

All who come here, clean pure slates
Purgatory’s dust makes them unclean
Some hope to rise to pearly gates
By holding to belief unseen

The children cry
Their tears
They bring the mother to their side

Young mothers die
Of treachery
And no one knows the reason why

Stalking the night
This the land where angels fell
Shy from the light
They seek to drag the souls to hell

The clouds form over countless graves
Of those to whom truth did not come
If your soul is to be saved
The battle’s here that must be won

And falls the rain
Dark falls the rain

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Current Music: Pearl Jam- Black

Jeepers crow. Between the two of you, I could go on reading just absolutely forever. Positively lovely -megs_

Re: poems

Howdy, this is John here. Thanks for the compliment Megs.
The obvious question to be asking is, why do my poems get posted by Jen, and not on my own journal. The answer is simply that I don't have one. I'm too cheap to pay for one, and Jen has no Free passes for me. So if Anyone likes the poems and would like to see more of me on the web, (and has a pass to spare :-) please e-mail me at Vulfain@yahoo.com

And as a preview of a work in progress

The dark has risen
left a dark and empty shell

Enamored here
it's lover
sever cord and fly to hell