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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Allo!!!! Been awhile, eh? Out of morbid curiosty, I've been watching VH1's Top 100 Greatest song of the past 25 years. At number 1 is Smells Like Teen Spirit. Now, I love that song, and it's fuckin awesome, but it's not the greatest song of the past 25 years. In my opinion it's Every Breath You Take, which is on the list at #9. Also this list has Destiny's Child (Say My Name), Missy Elliot (Work It) and Nelly (Hot in Herre), I have nothing against these songs or these artists, but they shouldnt be on the list. I could post this bullshit list, and if I get any feedback, I will do so, but on to another topic.
Saturday I was really dead, I had 5 hours of sleep and I think I hallucenated seeing my friend Nick. That scared the shit outta me, and by about 12:30 Sat night/Sun morning I was too dead to move, so Jay negotiated with his parents to let me stay over. When he came to bed I wouldn't let him go, so thanks Jay for dealing with my paranoia, and thanks for finding my rings!!!!
Madi went for her ultrasound yesterday, and she and Mike are having a boy! Yay!!! Yesterday was my Care Bear's birthday she and I went to a Brewers-Cardinals game, my dad got us the tix. Of course, the Brewers lost, 12-3 I was happy I love the Cardinals. Larry graduated from high school yesterday, so congrats to him!!! Sunday night we played Vampire, we haven't done that in a while, and Mike seems to think Jay's dicking us around, but there's so much shit going on, theres so much shit we need to figure out. Jay's told me some of his ideas, and how he's pissed off that Mike's being a dick about this, he can't get it through Mike's skull that yes we may not be doing much, but we *will* be. I guess Mike just wants to run in fighting, but we cant do that. Blah. I'm going through Anita Blake withdrawal. There's this really great series written by Laurell K Hamilton about a vampire hunter and necromancer Anita Blake. I have read all of the series within the past month or so, there's sposed to be another one out later this year, but I don't want to wait, so I'm prolly going to read them all again. I do that with books I love, I read them *over* and *over*. My mom always tells me that if she buys another book, slap her. When I bought 4 of the Anita Blake books that I hadn't read yet, I brought that up. I asked her why we always buy books, and she said I was just like her, we'll buy books when we're 80. I said that we'd prolly be blind by then, and she said we'd buy em in braille. It's true too, we have 5 bookcases full of books, and I have a laundry basket full of books, not to mention books in my closet and scattered around my room. I am surprised though, I was reading Dracula (my mom gave it to me for Christmas about 10 years ago), and I just wasn't digging it. *Me* with the vampire fetish, not like Dracula, innit that weird? I need to go, and put on the rest of my makeup and head out for work. Au revior, mes amis!!!

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