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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Poems from Jay and a rant

It's official, I hate Jay's mother. She told Larry she didn't think I'd be a good mother, well fuck that. Like she's was a fucking saint as a mother. It's pretty shocking actually how Jay turned out so wonderful coming out of that womb. ~sigh~ I'm just sooooo tired of this. Tired of her making me feel like I'm not family, tired of her talking shit behind my back, tired of her fucking persecution complex. Ever since I came back from England she's been like a total fucking nutcase around me. I can't handle it anymore. Whatever. Fuck it. Fuck her too.
Here's some poems from Jay.

Never Saints:
(copyright 2003, John Lehman)
How dare you tell me where I’ll go when I die?
Did you see the burning pit, hear a voice from the sky?
Did you talk with the angels,
And walk with a stranger who looked like Jesus Christ?

Neither did I

They follow you when they hear your voice
You wave the book and give the choice
A good life you tell them
Or evil and hell when they fall six feet below

How would you know?

Did you stand at the pearly gates
Did you make the right choice just a little to late
This is my life
And I’ll do as I like because we were never saints

Never saints

All of the angels of heaven
Are looking down to earth
You’re looking up and say you see them
Then speak of death and rebirth
It’s not in the skies that salvation lies
Or the deadly fall from grace
The angels won’t sigh or wipe tears from their eyes
God knows we were never saints

Sun Goes Down:
(copyright 2003, John Lehman)

Sun goes down
The daylight consumed by darkness
The only sound
The beating of a thousand hearts
Within that sound
A discord
Slowing, breaking, shattered
A love lies dying
As the sun goes down

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