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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Welcome the return of Chief Shoes Too Big/Chief Fucks Blond Man

Well, holy shit. It's been ages since I've been able to do this. I have so much shit to say, too. So I advise you all to get a cup of coffee, soda, juice, whatever you drink. Hell, pack a bowl.
A rough rundown of the past two months:
My nephew Konnor was born on 1 Oct, and he's the most precious child ever.
Shami and I had a huge screaming match. Please don't ask for details, I don't remember what was said.
Jay and I have found a new 2nd home at Node.
Work has been driving me insane, bad time of year to work in retail.

I must admit that I have been having the time of my life hanging out at Node. Nick first took me there, and now Jay and I go on a regular basis. We won't be able to go for the next week or so because Jay's grounded from driving. We've met some great people.
Aaron is the biggest trip *ever*, and a budding Skip-Bo princess. She makes me laugh so much and she's totally sweet.
Angelo is fun and *huge* he's a fucking bear.
Bollox, I can't remember everyone else currently. Jay and Pepin get along really well, and they had this huge talk about fucking everything. They're so smart they break my brain. Alright I have shit to do here, and I'm freezing so until next time adios

Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: None, I'm watching One Life to Live

Get it right, he's "Chief Goldicocks" :)

I can't remember my damn name now!

You are Chief Bent Over the Minibar ~nod~

Haha that's right! Yeah me and Chief Sittin' On Doves are going out tomorrow night and will end up at Node eventually. Maybe we'll see you guys there? :p

Nah, Chief Goldicocks is currently grounded from driving, after not picking up his mum one night when he was having a bitch session with me. We should be back in circulation next week.

Node is the the most "popular" Hangout in the HIGH SCHOOL crowd. tell me, do you feel a bit ancient when you go there.....

i love you.....do you know who this is? add me to your friends and call my sister, she misses you.

Heh, listen missy, 20 is not ancient. You think I've forgotten what you and Ben look like? I'll have you know that I'm not suffering from alzheimers yet =oP
Tell your sister I need her number again.

i guess thats true cuz ben is almost 21...YIKES!!

its the same one 397-6909


so wheres my phone call?


is she supposed to call you? she wants you to call her goof!

Re: errr????

heh, again I say "Read the update" =oP

Read the update, silly

Hey Jen it's your vixen twin formely known as poemsandvisions..add me back on your friends list girlie. I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK..muwhahahaha. I'm also otherwise known as Leo ;p

Well welcome back me former vixen twin!!!! I've missed you

I missed you too girlie! It has been WAY too long! lol..chat me up sometime. Even tho I may look away while online, I might be there *suspicious look*