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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

So. What is up with my friends girlfriends? Randy's girlfriend is a total bitch to me. She seems to think that even though we had fooled around in the past that we're going to in the present. Well, he's happy with her and I'm happy with Jay. If either one of us was going to fuck our relationships up we would have done it ages ago. Last time I hung out with Randy I went out into the cold, I didn't even feel like going out anyway, but Randy was bored and lonely and wanted to hang out. I even brought them a pack of cigarettes. He'd been trying to get a hold of her the entire time I was there, texting her, leaving her voicemails, etc. Well finally she calls him, and shes ripping into him about how we were there alone on their bed. We were at opposite sides of the bed, we couldn't have fucking touched. He's trying to tell her that nothing is going to happen, and she should trust him. He told her exactly what we did and how I had brought them a pack of cigarettes out of the goodness of my heart. She had the balls to say "Well, I'm not smoking them." I'm tired of this. I am not going to put up with petty female bullshit. Heh, I guess that's my New Year's resolution. I've tried being nice to her, I've tried talking to her. There is nothing I can do to make her see that I am not a threat to her relationship. So fuck it. What's the point in trying?
I'd really rather not tell this whole story so I'll try to make it as short as possible. Last week, I had been on the phone with Matt when the battery on my cordless phone died. I plugged in the corded phone and needless to say the ringer was off and I didn't realize this until 2 hours later. I emailed him the next morning and let him know what was going on, and also to let him know that I didn't call him because I had 75¢ on my cell phone. Friday when I got paid, I called him and let him know. I never heard from him. So here I am freaking out because I haven't heard from him in a week. That doesn't happen, well it didn't used to. Tuesday night, I get home from work and I have a message. It's Matt. He's all like "Hey, don't get so worried, I was just away for a few days. You don't need to leave me any "mysterious messages" either she's getting a bit pissed." Jesus. I haven't called him since then. I'm not sure if I really want to. I'm kinda afraid of what I'm going to say. And if he sees this, there will be hell to pay. I feel kinda hurt tho. Maybe it's stupid, I dunno. Anyway, I don't want to talk about it anymore.
Me, Goldicocks, Sittin on Doves, Kilowlow, Chief Bent Over the Minibar, Sheniqua Priestess, and Aaron's friend Emily all went bowlinf on NYE. I've never had so much fun in my life. I even beat Goldicocks. I *never* beat him. I must admit, though, that I do throw the best gutterballs on the planet. We should all go bowling again sometime. It was a blast.
I don't think I have anything else to say.

Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: None, I'm in Goldicocks's room, and he's talking to me

Haha, oh honey I love you! :)
What I love more than anything is the kind of girls that look at you and constantly accuse you of trying to take their boyfriends. My response to that is always "If I wanted your man, I would have had him and we wouldn't be having this conversation." It's sad that they feel the need to take their insecurities out on us poor, virginal innocents.
Hahaha, I should stop while I'm ahead...
Go in peace, Chief Shoes Too Big!

Hey now. I am the epitomy of virginal innocence. *FLASH* Hey where'd that lightning come from? I just think it's funny, all this petty female bullshit. I am going to use that line, man. I so could have had him lol. Wait. I have. He's a good lay too. Ok, now it's my turn to stop =oP


oooh story of my life! the trouble with having guy friends! gotta love those insecure chicks. your supreme teacher says look the wench in the eye and say "i'm already done with him, not interested in any more. after all, i was taught to share"

Aaron's line was better though. Besides, why would I even need to say anything? After all, I have Goldicocks.