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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Two weeks

So. Two weeks. I'm thinking I might bite the bullet and actually call him. Would it be bad? After two weeks you'd think he'd fucking call or email right? Ok well yes he went away with his girlfriend, and then left me that message on Tuesday. Not a fucking word since then. Is he waiting for me to call him? AUGH!!!!!!!!!!! This is driving me crazy. If I call him I might break down or something, but if I wait for him to call me I may cool down. To make it worse I'm playing How You Remind Me over and over and over again. Fuck it. I'm going to call him. Maybe. I dunno. I'll figure it out. Maybe. Fuck it. Thinking=DANGER!!!!!! I'm going to stop now. If I don't I'll keep going on the "should I?" or "shouldn't I?" *bangs head on desk* Why won't my brain stop?

Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: Nickelback-How You Remind Me-I gotta stop with this song

Guys. You gotta love them sis. I think that by the way it sounds he wants you to call him, but I wouldn't give in. Give it a couple more days, and if he never calls, then tell him later gator. :D

Believe me sis, I've tried calling and emailing him. I'm done with it. Let him throw 4 years away. I put the ball in his court, the only thing I can do is wait and see if he'll throw it back at me.

I would love to be more help to you, but I think I know little or nothing about the situation you are going through. I told you to call me if you got bored or needed to chat. Anyways, I'm unemployed again as you know so if you want to hang out or chat, let me know!

Hope you work everything out for the best!
Go in peace, Chief Shoes Too Big...

Thanks, hun. I will call you sometime this week when I have time. My cell is currently MIA, I think I left it in my boss's car, when I get it back I'll call ya. xxxx


Bah, I vote for don't call him if you haven't already. If he's being a fuckwit, don't give in to it. Wheres that jens super kick ass juice stuff you've got??? Don't let him win, to hell with people who play such games, life is to short and not worth it. (Fair warning...This may be bad advice, so pls don't sue me :-p) Anyway, loves ya chicky ~yer long lost sabs~

Honestly, Megs, I agree with you. Well, you know that, we've talkied tonight. I say the hell with him. The elixir is currently unavailable, since I haven't needed it for a while now. Thanks so much for listening to me tonight Megsy, I love you xxx


nah, let it go. if you like i can call and give him a good tonguelashing for being a retard though...

Yes! Call him, and tell him he's being a fucktard!!!!