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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

8:15 am- in about 2hrs, I will have been up for 24. I need to work at 10, so this is going to be fun! I'm working on a pot of coffee right now.
Had an interesting night at Node. I've once again been bitten by Nick. It'll prolly bruise, right now I just have tooth marks. I've gotten groped, sucked and had my spine kissed by Aaron. Bitch gettin frisky =oP I did enjoy myself tonight. Btw, John, Aaron's ass is better I like em squishy =oP
I kinda snapped on this guy Jason. Jay normally tells me about stuff that happens at Node, and he didn't tell me about this guy. I bet Jay forgot, but it doesn't matter. He comes in and he's all talking to Jay like they're old buddies. Being the bitch that I am, I looked at him and said "Hi! Who are you and how do you know my boyfriends name?" I totally didn't realise I said it aloud until he looked at me like "Wtf is wrong with this bitch?" So he told me who he was and everything, he was also very drunk and kinda obnoxious. On the way home, Jay told me that they'd talked a little bit and he was basically an idiot. Oh, yeah, we got to watch Aaron dry hump Scott again. She puts on a good show =oP Oh, yeah, sorry John about forgetting to mention your biting. I did enjoy it though =o)

On to the "Fuck Sam Goody" moment. Tuesday I started at 9:30am, and I come into the Suncoast side to find that new releases had not been sale priced or put out. I spent 4.5 hours getting them out and sale priced, I was so pissed about that. Plus, Ed Wood was scheduled to be released on Tuesday, it was in the boxes so I sold the 4 copies that we had. I told Kim that we were out, and she ripped my head off about it. Apparently the studio has pulled it, and it will be released at a later date. I hadn't been there since Friday, so I didn't know. There was a memo about it, and Kim posted it with the copies of Ed Wood in the back room. Jr. swears he told Jay, Jay swears he knew nothing about it and Jay's the one that prepped them. Shami says she didn't know about it, but Carla knew about it. How fucked up is that? Jay and Lance also left a big pile of DVDs on the counter, everytime I had even the slightest chance of getting to them I had a line. Jr. comes over and gets on my ass about the mess, and here I am trying to tell him what's going on, and he's just not listening. Then Kim comes over and she bitches at me about the mess, I'm trying to tell her what's going on, and she goes on about how Tom (our DM) is coming. I told her "Yes, I know he's coming." She said "Why are you letting it get like this?" I just went "ugh" and walked away. I was so close to snapping on her, but instead I did the smart thing and walked away to put out more new releases. We got that issue straightened out later on that day. Oh yeah I had a dumb muthafucka trying to shoplift. He came in through the Suncoast doors, and is asking me all kinds of stupid shit. I heard a tag being taken off, and I looked around but didn't see anything. He then walks out the Suncoast doors, setting off the alarm. I asked him to come back so he comes back I ask if he has any CDs or DVDs on him since he didn't beep coming. He says "Yeah but I didn't buy them here" so I asked if he'd let me deactivate them, he hands me two DVDs I take one look at them and call security. As I'm calling he's like "Oh shit, you caught me" and then leaves going out through Boston Store. I called Kim and told her about it, and she laughed at him. So there's my fucked up day. I must go now, and get ready for work.

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