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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Joke from Theresa



My dear sub

Much as I delight in your respect for me and you’re undying need to
please me. I have a few minor quibbles about your comments and behavior
towards my parents when you met them last week.

1. My mother was not too pleased to hear I am an exquisitely cruel man
2. Please do not comment on how the clothes line in the rear yard looks
just like the one in my house that I suspended you from last week and
flogged you
3. There is no correlation between the facts my mother was a nurse and I
instructed you on how to perform enemas
4. After hearing how I used to tie my sisters to the tree in the yard at
the age of 5 and play Cowboys and Indians, there is no need to inform
them that I still like tying people to trees
5. When asked what I gave you for your Birthday, do not ever again turn
and lift your skirt proudly displaying the welts on your ass from the
night before
6. Refrain from producing the nipple clamps, when my mother innocently
asks you if I ever buy you jewelry
7. Please do not drop to your knees in front of my parents again. When I
said “Neil !!!” It was my reaction to hearing the fact that my cousin
Neil had won the lottery
8. My parents did not appreciate your comments that the crucifix in the
kitchen was a piece of erotic art
9. When hearing the family dog had just died, do not be so insensitive
as to ask what they did with the choker chain and collar
10. Never again pick up my mothers millennium candle and state “ Ohhh we
could have some fun with this its beeswax “
11. I realize you firmly believe that D/s is nature not nurture but
asking my father did he ever give my mother a good spanking was not very
12. When my parents try to change the subject and talk of their recent
holiday in France it is not proper to ask them did they visit the
Marquis de Sade’s museum
13. When my mother comments how well dressed I am, informing her I look
better in leather is not appropriate
14. Appreciate that my parents did not find your recounting how we were
stopped for speeding and the guards shocked reaction that you were naked
from the waist down as I had instructed
15. Informing my mother when she kindly asked do you have any laundry
that you need doing, that you are not allowed to wear underwear, is a
case of too much information
16. When your mobile rang, there was no need to explain the symbolism of
its tune “ Slave to the rhythm” (Grace Jones)
17. I appreciate you were feeling awkward but asking to see my mothers
clothes pegs is not a real conversation starter
18. My parents spent a lot of effort organising my Christening so
calling me Sir and Master in front of them merely confuses them
19. Finally when my mother states I look scruffy and need a shave it is
not necessary to inform her that you have used all my blades to keep
yourself smooth as I require

Yours truly, ...............

Ps you will be glad to hear my father has now been released from
hospital and the heart problems were put down to unfamiliar stresses. As
for my mother, she has been to the hairdressers and had her hair dyed
after it turned suddenly white


ggglz... glad you liked it... huggggss and bites