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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

So my birthday was very awesome. I got wasted with my Care Bear, Jay and Sancho. I remember a lot of it, but it's a little blurry in places. I remember being terrible at darts and laughing at everything in sight, Jay wouldn't let me play pool though he said I was too drunk. He was prolly right. Speaking of drunk.. I was fucking trashed last night. Nick and I went to Club Anything, he said he owed me a drink, so we hung out there for a while, I had my drink and Nick had a coupla beers. It was fun to hang out with just Nick again. After Club, we went to Mac's Red-Eye and ran into Shannon Debbie and Jodie. I could actually tolerate Jodie last night, maybe I was just way drunk. Debbie got me liqoured up with 4 or 5 kiddie cocktails laced with vodka. Very tasty. After hanging out for a while, Nick and Jodie went to Node to get Aaron, and when she got there I was wasted. She couldn't stop laughing at me. Oh yeah and I made out with Debbie. Shes little and gorgeous! I told Jay about it this morning, and he doesn't seem to mind. He said he wished he was there to watch. On the way home I threw up, which isn't surprising since I drank too much too quickly, but at least I had the good sense to open the car door and not barf all over Nick's car, once we got to my house I had to throw up again, but this time it was mostly water. I need to thank Aaron for helping me get into the house last night. Thanks so much hun! I hope I didn't throw up on you. I kept apologising too, and it got to the point where Aaron said the more I apologise the less she's not going to grab my boobs, so it looks like she won't be grabbing my boobs for like a month. By the way, Aaron, I agree with you about "Becks", there's something very creepy about that girl. Well I'm off for now, there may be more to come later.

Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Current Music: How's it Going to Be- Third Eye Blind

Well doll, glad you had a good birthday. Seems like Jen+21=disaster...lol...oh well we can't all be me...;-)

Heh, like you haven't been drunker than me! Remember the time you couldn't say the word "clitoris" because you were drunk? It was "too hard"

Like I kept telling you the night you were drunk, you are fabulous. And I mean that, from the heart of my bottom. No, you didn't puke on my feet or anywhere else on me and I was more than happy to help you out that night. I was just making sure you got home safe, since I doubt anybody else would have gotten out of the car to help you. The reason you liked Jodie was probably because you were drunk, I can't think of any sober person that could put up with her, besides Nick and even then I question it.

Get ahold of me sometime this week with your schedule and when you're heading to Node and I'll gladly meet you for more stories about Beckenstein. I work Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday nights and I have Vampire on Friday. If you can work with that, let me know! And I'll grab your boobs if you are good... :p