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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Randy called me on Sunday for a few minutes, I guess to see what's up. He's doing fine, working at Big Boy's which he's always wanted to do. As always I tell him that I love him, and he said "....I know", and then he said bye and once again I tell him I love him and he didn't say anything which hurt beyond belief. I've known him 9 years, and it's always been like that. I can't explain how close we are, it's kind of like being soulmates. Anyway. About 10 minutes after getting off the phone with him, Christina texts me "Stop telling my husband you love him please", I texted her back telling her that "the day I stop loving him will be the day I die, and until that happens you can't tell me shit." Then I spent the next half an hour crying because he'd finally hurt me. After 9 years. None of his other girlfriends had a problem with me until her.
I thought that was that until last night. She texts me again going on about how the reason she's a bitch to me is because of what happened between us in the past. She said "you only want him to be happy well let me tell you something he is happy with me, we are happy together and i was brought up with morals......UNLIKE MOST AND YOU NEED TO STOP TELLING HIM THAT YOU LOVE HIM or if this continues them foot bother calling (I think she meant that he won't call me, I don't know I'm pretty baffled by that)i have heard about the things that was said is the reason i am 10% the way i am with you (I think she means 100%)" I told her "I am so fucking tired of this. I want him to be happy, but if you're going to treat me like shit and if he's just going to watch, then I have nothing to say to you. I have tried to be friends with you, and you won't even give me a chance, you should be glad he was honest with you about us, not a bitch. Honesty is what he does." She didn't reply at all, so I let it go, and then about an hour ago, my previous texts came back to me via directory assistance. I did a little digging around and tried to call their number, butI got a recording saying that number is no longer available, so now I'm laughing my ass off about how she changed their number. I talked to Aaron about it all last night, and she said that I should just wait to see what he says, and she's right because if I do anything, I'll end up looking like the desperate ex-girlfriend (her words). Part of me wants to fight, part of me wants to run away and cry, and part of me wants to stand my ground. She's right though, all I can do is wait. I still can't believe this shit. I wonder if she knows he asked me to marry him..................

On to happy things. Konnor is officially crawling now! When I came in, he crawled to me. I was so proud! Everyone around me can't seem to believe that I don't want kids after seeing how I am with him. Nick's broken up with Jodie. I'm so proud of him, I can't fucking stand her. Anyway, I'm gonna go now and cuddle with mah Goldicocks.

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