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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
A drunk, a stoner, a bitch and a patridge in a pear tree.....

Once again I have gotten smashed at Mac's, but I blame it on Nick and Jay. Nick had the wonderful idea of having me go up and sing at karaoke last week. I didn't wanna do it, and they both knew that, but I did it anyway. For the record I was already kinda smashed when I went up there. Nick chose Wonderwall for me, and when I went up there I told everyone that I was gonna sit down so if they wanted to see me they had to get on the stage because I was sitting down. Almost the entire bar sat on stage with me. I had to tell them "everyone who isn't me shut the fuck up!" cos I couldn't hear myself. I had a fucking campfire singalong up there. It was kinda cool. After I got off the stage I had to have another drink, and that sealed my fate that night. My not so drunk friends said that I sounded really good, so I may go up and do karaoke again.
At Node last week a few interesting things happened. A kid I kinda know was really fucked up. He's always fucked up when I see him, but this time it was pretty bad. Andrew passed out and projectile vomited right outside the bathrooms. The cops and EMT's came, as far as I know he's fine now, but the cops gave him about $200 worth of tickets for being underage and smoking illegal substances. A friend of his was with him all day and wouldn't tell the cops anything because he's a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and he thought it would look bad if he got in trouble. I was pissed cos if Andrew was his friend he shoulda said something.
Once again, there is drama with Nick and Jodie. Nick, Jodie, JayCee, and a bunch of other people went to see a movie, and Nick being the good guy that he is was talking to her and hangin out. She asked Nick and JayCee to sit behind her so she wouldn't have to see them in their PDA glory, so they agreed to it, well Jodie and everyone else sat in the very last row of the theatre, and Nick and JayCee sat at the other end of the row. Earlier at Webb's he was trying to be a good friend to her when someone asked him something and he was talking to them, when they were through he went right back to his conversation with Jodie. She was pissed and left him a bitchy voice mail, and he said "fuck it anyone who was holding back because we were dating- don't". Which means now I can tell her how much I loathe her. YAY!
Last week, I got to see my favourite diva Aaron. I missed her so much, we played cards and went to Qdoba, and hung out for ages. We need to set up a place to meet at Pridefest this weekend. =o)
I helped Kim move some shit from her place here to her new apartment in Pleasent Prarie. Her new apartment and store are amazing. She's gonna be so happy in Vernon Hills. Speaking of Sam Goody, I am getting the shittiest hours possible, which means I need to get another job, and hopefully soon. I have 12.5 hours this week. I can't live on that, there's an ad in the paper for something I'd really like to do I just called them but the memory on the answering machine was full so I can't leave them a message. Well, kiddies, that's about it for me today.

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Current Music: Trace Adkins-Baby's Gone

KIM'S GONE????? Vernon Hills where is that? Who's the manager of our store now?

Vernon Hills is in Illinois, it's a kind of ritzyb white bread Chicago suburb. Cory from Brookfield is our new manager. Heh. I'm actually at Kim's new crib now =oP


hey Jen... its me... I had to lo gin as anonymous, couldn't rember my password... anyways... the wifey of the friend, is either reeeeally jealous or isn't too secure.... A friend of mine from CT wrote out a wedding invite to me ... 3 times! His fiancee kept tearing them up.... Finally he told her he knew me longer and she could be replaced.... oh, its me, GG aka Wenchy :D just so you'd know... smooochies byee