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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Mistah Jones and me....

I am going to gush about Jeff. Jeff and I have known each other for a bit, and recently began to get closer, we've been writing a story together on his message board. What started as a mutual crush has blossomed into that giddy giggling shuffling your feet biting your lip love. Everything he does throws me into an awed state, the way he says my name, the way he laughs, even the way he calls me a dork. Everyone who knows me IRL and knows how gaga I was over Matt has been told that this is ten times worse. I have it bad. VERY bad. In ~thinks~ 11 days I'm going to see him in Toledo, and I'm prolly going to be a big ol bundle of nerves giddy fool. He's healed that part of me that Matt broke and when I realised that I knew I would never feel the way I did about Matt again. I'm over that whole "monster in the closet" deal, and I have Jeff to thank for it. I love you, Jeff. ~pounces you and steals your hat~

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Current Music: Big & Rich-Big Time
You are amazing

You are the most amazing woman my eyes have set upon, your heart, soul and beauty leave me stumbling through words like a blind man tripping on acid and driving. < laughs > I love you baby your wonderful

Re: You are amazing

*kisses you and turns 12 shades of red* I meant every word of it, honey. I love you with everything I have.

Re: You are amazing

You meant every word of it < looks @ my hat > you look better in it your very amazing beautiful lady

Re: You are amazing

Yes. My purple hair goes well with the Ohio State red =oP

aaah... fondly rembers the days when I'd hear..." can we call Jeff?" .... huggggss & snoggggss you both

~laughs~ oh I'm sure you'll still hear it. *thinks* If you somehow manage to catch me when I'm not on the phone with Jeff, that is. ~hugs and snogs you and bears you 37 children~
~makes Jeff get a job to support our kids~