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Jen [userpic]

heh I'm higher than the average bitch, which happens to be 38% I'm damn proud. The sky is blue and clear today. It's kinda cold tho. 15 days til I see me second family, I hope I'll be able to see Mike. I got a coupla books yesterday, both by Stephen King. I got On Writing and IT, I can't wait to read IT. I'm saving that for the flight home and the wait in Pittsburgh. I think I'm gonna like On Writing cos I love to write and it's kinda a book about writing mixed with autobiography, so it better be good! ;p Matt threatened to beat me up with IT cos it's a *huge* book 1,116 pages. ~drools~ This is gonna be good. Well, thats it for now until I write more in like an hour cos by then I'll prolly be a bitch then lol damn mood swings.

Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: Linkin Park-Pushing Me Away

It is a great book. I read it a few years ago. Heh, I took my moms hard cover version, thing was flipping heavy cus I lugged it around with me practically everywhere I went so I could finish it. Nearly had a heart attack at work a few times from reading the book however. Lol but it was really goooooodd.