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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

You know what I've missed? Shaving with a fresh razor blade. Ah what a JOY! ~eyes clock~ In 27 hours and 28 minutes I will be in Toledo. I have everything packed, and I finally did choose music to take, I think I may need to find a book too, but maybe not. I am so incredibly exciting that words can't describe it. We've decided we're not going to be nervous, but I wonder if we will be. I know currently I'm not. I just wait for the time to come when I finally see him. It's a strange thing, we've been asking each other why its taken so long to find each other. He is the male equivalent of me, we write, we're wicked smart asses, cocky as fuck when the occasion calls for it. I can't wait to go to the zoo on Monday and pet cows!!!! I <3 cows! I prolly won't update again til I get back next Saturday. Then I'll be going on about how lonely I am and shit.

Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Matchbox 20-Back 2 Good

Have mucho funness!!!! :: hugs you mah mate!!!::

:D can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!!

Thanks hun!!! ~hugs muh mate~
You'll hear ALL about it ~giggle~ :D

~sips coffee~ Jeff is currently making brekkie. He is a handy boy! And he's absolutely amazing. This time I know I've truly found my match, mate, and I like it. We went to the zoo yesterday, and we had a perfectly wonderfully romantic evening in front of a bonfire. Bonfire+snuggling under sleeping bags+ make out music+ stars=FUN! He's a lot more than I could have ever hoped for in someone. Uh, I'm gonna go and kiss him now cos that feels like the right thing to do. :D


I so 'cited for you!!

I want some stuff like that.

hmm... congratulations mate!!!

Sitting here while you are sleeping

Trying to just sit here while you are sleeping. I have had a wonderful evening tonight, a wonderful week yet I am still sitting here while you are sleeping .Your perfect smile when you wake up, your soft lips when I kiss them. I have felt alive with a vigorous passion. But I sit here while you are sleeping. I don't want you to go back , but I know you have too . It hurts deep inside knowing I won't wake up next to you tomorrow night knowing you will be comfy in your own bed. But I will be thinking of you and missing you even more . I love you Jen, I love everything about you , the way you laugh, the way you sip your coffee . That smile that melts me , that kiss that curls my toes. That first touch of your skin its a heavenly thought yet I sit here while you are sleeping. I am missing you now even though you are still here yet I am holding you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms tomorrow . It will take every effort for me not to cry when I see you board that train , it will take every ounce of life for me not to bawl my eyes out . But I sit here while you are sleeping cause I will remain strong and not shed that tear , but I shed them now . I have them streaming down my face trying to write something that makes sense . You will look at me with contempt tomorrow cause I do not cry but you know I love you and I cry now while you are sleeping .

Re: Sitting here while you are sleeping

I sit here, in your vibrant blue fleece, heart aching at the pain of leaving you. Unshed tears barely controlled. I wanted to run back to you this morning, to kiss you and laugh because I knew I couldn't make it here without you. I couldn't turn around, and have you see me cry because I knew how hard you were fighting to control your own tears. I love you, Jeff, with every beat of my heart, every whisper of my soul. I love the way you smile when I look at you in a breathless sort of wonder. I love the way you laugh at my dorkiness. I love the way you kiss me as if I were your last drink of water. I love the hunger and the passion in your eyes when all I do is look at you and smile. I love the "WTF?!" look on your face when we pick on you. I love the way you hold me, the way you nuzzle me, the way you pull me closer when I wiggle in my sleep.I love the "HEY!" look you give me when I steal your hat. I love everything you are, and everything you do. I am yours, now and forever. I can only hope that these next two weeks fly by, I missed you as soon as I walked out the door.