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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

My horroscope this week according to the onion: Plato claimed our ideas are borne of our souls and not derived from experiebce, but you get most of yours from the tv. Not far off, I think, maybe a bad week to be a Taurus, but then again there have been better ones. Case in point: one time (at band camp?...) my friends Chad Peter, Ruby n me were at Hampton and Chad was reading our horroscopes and when he was done with ours he read the rest and Gemini read "Don't let Chad read your horroscope this week, he'll think its about him." We were ~rolling~ Seriously, check out www.theonion.com it is funny as hell. One thing I have missed ~SO~ much. Or the one from Weird Al's Running With Scissors CD:You will never find true happiness, whatcha gonna do cry about it? The stars predict you'll wake up do a bunch of stuff and then go back to sleep. That is my everday life I tell ya! I did something moneumentally stupid today. I drew a peace sign on my palm, and totally forgetting about it I was resting my chin in my hand and when I went to take my shower i noticed black smudges, and I'm like "wtf" and then I realised it was the ink on my hand. How stupid am I?.......

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