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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

~stretches~ Ow, don't you hate those stretches that feel like they pull a muscle? Anyway, I've decided that after the holidays I will joyfully quit Sam Goody. I'm tired of getting fucked on hours, and I have been uber bitchy to Jay lately. I don't mean to be a bitch to him, I'm just pissed/frustrated with the company. Cory has quit, which means I have no one to give me shit about my adventure in Ohio, I miss that. Goofing around with Cory was really fun, and we still managed to get shit done. Jay has been promoted to a full time 3rd key manager (congrats, Jay, and I'm sorry for being such a horrible bitch I don't mean to take it out on you), which is a wonderful opportunity for him, but it does kind of shaft the rest of us when it comes to hours, and that is my concern. I need to get a decent amount of hours so that I can (hopefully) save up a bit of money for when/if our plans to move me become more concrete and this wonduhful thingie with Jeff does work out. Speaking of Jeff, while our relationship seems to thrive, he has become *extremely* stressed and very moody, which is a little straining to say the least. I can only hope that his upcoming hunting trip eases his stress and his mind a bit, and throughout his stress related moodiness I will continue to stand by him, and to show him how much I truly do love him. My bitchy tendencies aside =oP @ Jeff's last LJ post. I've also invited Jeff up for Thanksgiving, and no word yet on whether or not he'll be able to come up, I'm certainly hoping he will. It will immediately thrust him into the fucktards of my family. Well, my mom's not a fucktard, aside from her worshipping of the Packers, but at least she and Jeff have something in common ~laughs~ I think he's anticipating seeing her shrine, and it's silly and petty but I wanna tease him with my *tiny* share of Packer's stock. ~giggles~ Alright, I don't really want to tease him with that, I just want to see hime again. ~looks at Jeff~ Je t'aime beacoup et Je reve de toi, mon amour.
One friendship has been mended ~big huge smiles and hugs to Glenn~, and we have become as close as we were a couple of months ago. Another friendship has weakened. Aaron, I do not need to justify myself or my feelings to you. If you don't understand how I did come to fall in love with Jeff, that's fine, but a little support wouldn't hurt. Friends are supposed to be supportive ya know. This condescending cynical "how can you love someone through the computer" shit is not very kind or helpful. I spent a week with him, and that week cemented everything I feel for him, I'm happy and that is the only thing that should matter to any one of my friends, including you. Yes, I realise that stating this in such a public forum will annoy the piss out of you, but you don't seem to understand how wonderful this is for me, and even if it does annoy the piss out of you it's something that needs to be said.

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Supportive? Nah...not me anyhow...I'm supposed to second guess every move you make :) Just kidding darling, I'm happy if you're happy....just make sure the fall is worth it this time, babe. And tell this guy to get his arse out here so I can pass approval. ~XXOO~

Heh, you have never been supportive, bitch. Then again, after 6 years of knowing me I suppose you've earned that right to second guess me. Thank you, Breezie, though. I'm sure you'll meet him, though, when we have time maybe we'll get together when he comes up next month. He's worth everything I have, and this time it's real. I say that a lot don't I? Now, please Ms. God of Stupid Whores, excuse me as I go back to IM and talk with my Mistah Jones. ~runs along~