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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
~sigh~ One month...

It's been almost exactly one month since that first hug, kiss, and intoxicating whiff of Curve. Earlier today I had a flashback of us walking through the park, holding hands telling stories and laughing at the mutual dorkdom. I couldn't help but laugh at the memory of pushing him on the swings. ~giggles~ Imagine a midget like me pushing a giant like him on swings. It was very cute and very fun. The memory was accompanied by a wave of longing so deep it took my breath away. He's going hunting this weekend and next week. I don't want him to go, simply because I'll miss him more than I already do, but who am I to tell him no? Especially since it is cathartic for him. So until he comes back, I will wrap his memories around me like a cloak and huddle within that warmth.
......Ever have one of those moments when you're listening to a cd by one of your favourite artists and you've forgotten that there's a song you absolutely love on that cd? That happened to me last night, and now it's on repeat, it makes me cry sometimes, and yet I'm smiling as I listen. It also happens to be one of Jeff's favourite songs.....

Current Mood: sadand missing you SO much
Current Music: Garth Brooks-To Make You Feel My Love-live version