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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I just finished this a few minutes ago. I've always had this thing about vampires, I dunno maybe it was seeing The Lost Boys when I was younger that made me go "ooooeeerrr", or maybe it was Stephen Dorf in blade ~drools~, or Brad Pitt as Louis and Tom Cruise as Lestat. Either way, its hard to pinpoint where my love/obsession/curiousity came from....

My Rebirth:

I met him ages ago,
Blond hair and startling blue eyes
Skin like ivory,
Nails like glass.
I never knew how much he wanted me till that fateful night.
He pulled me close, and nuzzled my neck
I felt something pierce the skin,
And suddenly, my blood flowed freely.

A fire spreads throughout the soul,
As thoughts invade the mind.
The light slowly fades, as my body nears death
He stands above me and asks if I want to live
I nod meekly as he cuts his wrist,
“Drink”, he says.
As I drink his warm copper tangy blood,
I find strength creeping back into me.

As the liquid silk travelled down my throat,
He told me to stop
I wanted more, and pleaded with him.
He laughed and took me to the tavern,
We found her young and beautiful
Her scent intoxicating and sweet.
I took her slowly, savouring her warmth
And as her essence slid through my veins, I was reborn.

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