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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

It's been two months since I met Jeff IRL, two months since that first amzing kiss. I can't seem to figure out how he can make me feel the way I do. His love fills me with fire and passion. I feel beautiful, even when I know I'm not. I sit here now staring at his name on my buddy list wondering how I could be so lucky. It's all because of him that I've changed. I think I've changed for the better. I have plans on going back to school, I'm taking my life and my job more seriously than I have in quite sometime. My life seems to be taking shape, like there's a greatness waiting for me to grasp it. He inspires me to better myself, to look the world in the eyes and say "Fuck you! I can do something with my life." I am realising my potential and my true self. Yes, I have issues, I've admitted that from the start, but somehow they don't seem as horrible as they used to. I still have bouts of depression but the words "You're beautiful" and "I love you" cut through the grey in my head. I love you, Jeff. They say that timing is everything, and I never knew how true that is until September. I knew then that I would break free of Matt, and that I would find the one who is meant for me. I truly feel that I have, and I'm grateful for finding him.
Speaking of Matt, after 4 years I took down his picture, his poems, everything I had of his is off of my wall, and I feel so liberated. I am free of him, and his demons. While he has been an asshole to me and vice versa, I do wish him luck and love.

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Current Music: The Verve-The Rolling People