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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Counting down the hours...

Christmas is approaching very fast. Like a kid I will be up early Saturday morning and bounding down the stairs with the childlike glee that comes with tearing into this year's loot. Jumping up and down annoying my mother with "Can I at least raid my stocking?!" every five minutes, rolling my eyes to her robotic reply "Not until your sister gets here." "But MOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!" Yeah that's Christmas morning in my house. So on Saturday morning, I will be drinking my coffee eating my cinnamon roll and cursing my sister for not getting here earlier, and as soon as she walks in the door I'm raiding my stocking. To all of my friends: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

The hours are flying by and in exactly five days, three hours and fifty minutes I will be arriving in Toledo for a week. I'm spending New Year's with Jeff and he's got some big elaborate surprise for me, which he keeps hinting at. "I want to tell you SO bad!!!" "Christ, just tell me then." "I can't" "DAMMIT!!!!!"
*laughter* The anticipation is flowing freely in my veins, skin aching to feel his touch again, lips thirsting for the next kiss. I can't wait to see him again. The thought of it puts a smile on my face and a sparkle in my eyes. WOOT!!!!!!!

To Tess: Thank you for the sweetness you spread on Jeff's board. I held your hand through the penguin mess, and I don't regret it to this day. Even though I told you plenty of times he's a fucktard, I still love you and I don't hold it against you. I love you, Tess, and thanks for enduring my giggles whenever we were on the phone and we started talking about Jeff. He and I both went on and on about our crushes on each other, and still you kept it to yourself and let the pieces fall into place. I laugh now when I think about it, torn between strangling you or kissing you ~winx at you~ You rawk my sawks, Tess. xxxx

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counting the hours ....

hugggss & snogs you 37 times in front of the god/dess and everyone >weg<

I didn't mind hearing the giggles. It sort of gave me hope that I might be able to find someone to love again... Those giggles got me thru some rough times. But, I did leave the phone and always warned you guys before I picked it up... loves my unlimited long distance...

The penguin mess... aah, yes! I do apologize for you having to listen to me puke thru most of July... I think I shall write a book and call it "The Penguin Chronicles". Maybe I'll feel about someone else as I felt about the head penguin and *not* be made fun of or mocked for my feelings... I know you haven't been in chat, but it's deader than my libido.

Can hear your voice in my head. . . " Can we call Jeff? " Aaww...doll, be good to each other. oh yeah, I promise to not call while you're out there...

hugggss ya bunches and toss him a few from me when you see him...
I loves you both...

Re: counting the hours ....

WOOT!!!!!! *bears you 37 children and makes both you and Jeff get jobs*
What kind of friend would I be if didn't listen to you puke July away? Hell, hun I would have held your hair back had I been there. I have a strong feeling that the Penguin Chronicles would be the most depressing book ever written. I love you Tess, and I would have done a lot more for you than just listened. As far as the giggles go, I think about it still and laugh. We were so sweet, now we're just perfect for each other in a "Rubber Room Renters Association" kind of way. I will pass along your hug and kiss to Jeff, but I hope you understand that mine comes first. :D I did that the last time I went to see him. I hugged him and said "This is from Tess" :D