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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
I want to hold you high and steal your pain....

I just got home. I don't like that. I'd rather be with Jeff right now. The goodbye was still hard. These things never get any easier. The plus side is he's coming up here soon to meet my mom, I told him I couldn't move until he met her. He understood that completely. I miss him so much though. I know it's been less than twelve hours, but still... It just fucking hurts. I didn't get my big elaborate surprise on New Year's either, but it doesn't matter, all that matters is that I was with him. In this part of the story my Jeff will be referred to as "Mistah Jones" :D
We hung out with Josh and their buddy Jeff the other night. A couple of people showed up that Josh got along with pretty well, but Mistah Jones and Jeff were getting bad vibes off of him so the three of us spent a lot of time chilling together. The boys were pretty drunk, and Jeff was trippin his brains out he was so smashed. I did find it quite refreshing to talk to someone else about how grand Eddie Izzard is. Mistah Jones was standing there chuckling his fool head off as Jeff and I are going on and on about him. He was looking at us like we were on crack. Later on in the evening (well early morn technically) Mike (the bad vibe guy) came outside to grab a beer or have a smoke and totally pulled this Jackass style fall, spilling onto Jeff and spilling his beer. Everyone was ok but christ that was funny.
Mistah Jones bought me a copy of Attacked By Wolves' five song ep, as well as an Attacked By Wolves t-shirt. I'm rocking that right now ~grin~ Attacked By Wolves is the band that Josh plays guitar and sings background vocals in. And they are great. I've listened to it twice since this morning. They have a really groovy mellow pop rock sound. With Josh and Jordan's (lead vocals and guitar) permission I am allowed to "bootleg the fuck out of it" (their words)I know a few people that would dig it, and hopefully Keith will let me burn it for them. As for the rest of you in cyberland GO HERE NOW!!!!!!!!! www.abwrock.com mp3's are available for download, cd's and t-shirts available to purchase. They are good so check em out!!!
Mistah Jones also made a couple of mixtapes. One of them has really groovy mellow songs and the other is filled with what he likes to call his "motivational music" which is heavy and hard the kind of shit that makes you want to fuck on the floor and break shit. I've listened to them both twice on the way back to Milwaukee. *sigh* Poor baby is still sick. I kind of caught his cold, but I ended up with just a wicked cough. I called him when I got into Chicago, and he was sleeping it off. When I called him when I got home he was still sleeping. I don't see him online right now so I assume he's still in bed. I'm pretty sure diving into the Maumee river on saturday didn't help his cold at all. *sigh* Alrighty kiddies that's the end of this show for now.

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