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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I love how ignorant people are. Today at work, this woman and her son were buying a couple of cd's and being a concerned parent, she made sure he got the edited versions of Snoop and the new Lil John. She was going off about how much trouble he would be in had he bought an explicit cd, and my dumbass couldn't keep my fat mouth shut. "Well, it's not illegal to sell explicit cd's to a minor." "Yes it is." "No, it isn't." "Yes it is, and you know it, and if you sold my son an explicit cd I would be all over your boss." I just shook my head and fought to keep a straight face, even though I was highly amused. I knew that me smirking would have gotten me into trouble, and well I'm already the black sheep of the Sam Goody store 0531 family. If it were illegal to sell an explicit cd to a minor we would have them labeled with "You must be 18 to purchase, ID required" stickers, just like we have on the laser pointers and just like we don't sell rated M video games to a ten year old. I personally refuse to sell any of the Grand Theft Auto series to anyone under the age of 18. Sometimes ignorance amuses me and other times it pisses me the hell off. Today it was just amusing.

I had a complete geek out moment yesterday while watching Inuyasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass. I screamed at Inuyasha to not go full demon, cheered at Naraku's return, and cried when Kagome kissed Inuyasha. I didn't get up during the last half hour, eyes glued to my tv, waving the new Beatles calendar for the kitchen at my mother saying "Kitchen. Not getting up." Yes, kiddies, the descent into geekdom is nearly complete. Some would argue *koff*Jay*koff* that I descended into the geek pit a long time ago, and I know that if he saw the Inuyasha calendar hanging in my bedroom it would confirm his suspicions. The again he yelled at me today for watching it without him. Heh.

I replaced my copy of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Californication, and was amazed at just how much I missed this cd. It means a lot to me, I have some memories attached to this record, and I will never forget the way I cheered standing in the mud in Chelmsford in the summer of 2001 when Anthony Kiedis sang the line "Yes I could in the woods of Wisconsin". The Chili Peppers are still the greatest show I've ever seen. I spent my way home from work thinking about music. It's always amazed me that there are singers/songwriters out there who have felt the same things I have felt. It can be heard in the music, the passion with which people sing. Music is life. I remember telling Doug that that was why I liked Spirit Creek so much-because his music touched me. Staind's Break the Cycle is a perfect example of what music means to me. An anthem for angst and manic depression at every turn. I think too much sometimes when I'm lost in the soothing sounds of music. I relate to the haunting melodies, I lose myself in the heartfelt lyrics, forget everything I am while I'm listening to music. I love it so much.

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Current Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers-Around the World