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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Poem from Jeff's board

Cryptic thoughts lie
Beyond the golden eyes
In the dark recesses of the mind
Never knowing what truths he'll find
A sojourn will be taken
To keep the mind from breakin'

Unhinged thoughts lie
Beyond the emerald eyes
Placing her heart in his hands
Trying to tame things she can't understand
Wondering who will hold his heart
Who's soul will be torn apart?

Breathless wonder,
Forgetting things heard,
Hanging on his every word.
Emotions brought forth,
Feeding the soul within,
Passion flies,
Truth never dies.

Breathless wonder,
Forgetting the past,
Hanging on to his kiss.
Feeding the desires,
Slowly spreading fires,
Entrapping the soul.

Breathless wonder,
Forgetting the life before,
Hanging on his soul.
Feeding the love,
Flowing like a river,
Filling me with.

Breathless wonder,
Forgetting everything,
Hanging in the balance.
Caught between the distance,
Feeding the loneliness,
Feeding the sadness,
Sending hope through the soul.

Breathless wonder,
Always filling me,
Giving me wings.

Breathless wonder,
When I see,
The perfect smile.
Breathless wonder,
When I look at you,
Kicking me in the heart.

Breathless wonder.

Current Mood: depressedforlorn