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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Poem of Jay's

This was heisted from Jay's site: karmiccycle.tripod.com I didn't mean to take it without permission, Jay and if you're not cool with it, I'll delete it.

Every Scar a Story:
Copyright 2004, John Lehman

She cries in the rain
So no one inside can see her pain
And she only weeps
In the night
When everyone is inside
In the light

She sighs
When she knows
Deep inside
By all rights
She should be screaming
In the dark
Of the night
When the world
Is dead and dreaming

She’s thinking

That maybe she had settled for
A little less than everybody else got
The day they were born

The day she was born
Well they said here’s a child with something missing
And they said here’s a girl who we know will never fit in
She’s wishing
That maybe someday
She can find
Something she can get behind
Just a little shaft of light
To guide her through the endless night
Give meaning to her life

And I cry
Every time I see the scars
That cross her arms
‘Cause inside
She thinks that it’s
The only way
That she can find release from pain
To make her demons go away
And turn her night back into day
So she can live again
And every scar’s a story

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