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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

*sigh* Valentine's is upon us, and it got me to thinking. In the six years that I've been dating, only once have I spent Valentine's with someone I was dating. It seems that I've always been single or trying to get over a breakup. I'm so tired of being lonely on that day. Is it cliche now to celebrate? My friend Brent made a good point earlier why one day for couples to celebrate being in love, aren't the other three-hundred and sixty-four days good enough? I paraphased that, since I don't remember exactly how he put it.
Death to Cupid, and death to the idiots at the Grammys.

Current Mood: lonelylonely as all hell
Current Music: RHCP-Saviour

I'd be happy to rip off Cupid's head and shove it where the sun don't shine... >weg

Re: V~Day

Fuck Cupid *sigh* If you're ripping his head off, I get to rip off his wings feather by fucking feather. Christ I hate this day.

Re: V~Day

From the "did you know" files...after ripping off Cupid's wings, he goes deaf. Yes, he goes deaf. Studies have shown that after ripping his wing's off.. when told to fly, he doesn't obey..The only conclusion science has come up with is hearing loss. >VBWEFG< <--aka very big, wicked, evil fucking grin...

Re: V~Day

WOOT!!!!!! Let's catch us a flying baby!