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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Death to AFI!!!!!!! Vive Le Trent!!!!!

In order to appease Mini-Trent I give you this piece heisted from my IM with Johan:
Johan :P I wasn't so much trying to explain as adding in a chance to bitch about the rest of humanity, that us the overlords will one day rule over, and smite.
Johan: Oh yes, there'll be lots of smiting on that day.
Jen: yes
Jen: and death to afi :D
Johan: afi?
Johan: Shitty band, I'm guessing?
Jen: theyre a band, they had a song out a year or so out called girls not grey
Jen: yes and they covered a nine inch nails song
Jen: which has enraged me and the nick i work with
Johan: Did Johnny Cash covering NIN enrage you too? Or is it only when shitty people do it?
Jen: yes johnny cash covering nin enraged me
Jen: but i let it slide cos johnny cash is a fucking icon
Jen: his version of hurt was very creepy and depressing much like the real song
Johan: Well, that and he died soon after.

*insert break of Jen taking a shower*

Johan: One of the disadvantages of broadband is... I'm now listening to this shitty cover.
Johan: Yes, AFI *will* die.
Johan: Repeatedly
Johan: :: buys Lil' Bastard Home Ressurection Kit ::
Jen: YAY!
Jen: mini trent will be pleased

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: NIN-Piggy