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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

First I have to say my nephew is the most adorable person in the world.

I went out twice this week. Monday I met Trent at Sam Goody and we went to Starbucks for "president of Berundi" coffee. We spent about 3 hours together trading Chasing Amy stories, bitching about shitty bands, and talking about all the shit we have in our had. It really was an awesome time. Also monday night I took Jay to BW3's for his birthday dinner we came back here to watch the second Inuyasha movie. I've noticed that every time I'm with Jay I always have some kind of breakdown. I spend an hour or sometimes more crying in front of him. *sigh*
Last night I met Trent at Node we were going to hang out with Jay. Again it was a really awesome time, we quoted Robin Williams picked on each other and Jay. Trent's a good kid :o) I taught him how to play Skip-Bo and by the end of the night he wanted his own deck of Skip-Bo cards.
I finished The Masque of Red Death :-D (will post that soon)
I wrote a couple of poems yesterday, I spose I oughta post them soon. Jay has also written something burning and intense. Inspired of course by Henry Rollins. When I get a copy I'll post that. I have an appointment next tuesday at the literacy centre. I'm going to Mike and Madi's tonight to see my Konnor :o)

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