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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Fucked up poetry & The Masque of Red Death


For you I'd rip out my own heart
Watch as the blood pours down your hands
And I'd be happy
For you I'd slit my wrists
Just to ease our hurt
I'd erase the bad things
The dead, rotten holes
That pierce your soul

For you I'd live alone
Hoping, wishing for you to come back to me
I miss you
For you I'd do anything
Just to see your smile
To feel your arms around me
Survive each and every lonely night
With the memory of your skin

For you I'd fly
Hell I'd even die
Too much pain without you
For you I'll keep quiet
Just to keep the thing between us sane
For you are my world
And now I can't tell you
You'll never know

Just how much I still love you.


You were Nero
And I was Rome
Burning, crumbling
Ashes floating, drifting
As your bow stroked the strings

Falling into hundreds of pieces
Glowing across the night sky
While you play your song
Crying as I burn
Wishing for your head to turn

Look at me
Watch me fall
Watch me die
As my heart breaks
And bleeds for you

The Masque of Red Death:

Have you ever wondered
What it's like to be
Chased by Death?
The cold, clammy hands
That drop you where you stand
The sharpened blade of the scythe
That takes your life?

I have.

Grave breath on my skin
Pulling me deeper into the sorrow I drown in
An end to terror
And falling into peace
A peace that may never come
While I'm alive
Breathe a sigh

Hope to die.

A shaft of light
Breaking through my endless night
Struggling to find salvation
An end to suffering
Silently screaming
While the world is dreaming
Blindly trying to break throught the fog

Feeling like I'm failing.

A new day dawns
Sun shining
Find myself smiling
As I begin again
Behind me He sits
Waiting for me to tire
Of the burden of my soul
And climb into that hole

Cannot give in.

Black eyes
Burn me as I try
He tempts me, toying
Offering me what I want
A chance of freedom
Wrapped in a black velvet bow
A box of empty promises

Such a beautiful dream.

A dream from which I cannot wake
A life so ordinary
One He's willing to take
The question lies not in Him
But in me
Will He possess me?
Can His power overwhelm me?

I cry tears of confusion.

I've written many odes
To Him, begging Him to come
To take away my pain
Save me from the head full of rain
From my everlasting grey
From the heart in pieces
And the soul in ruin

He alone loves me.

A kiss of Death
Seduced with comfort
Take my hand
You understand
My pain, my loss
A dangerous curiousity
Morbid dreams
To see the face behind

The Masque of Red Death.

Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: The Verve-The Drugs Don't Work