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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

This is Jay's tribute to Henry Rollins, I must admit he captured the intensity so well I actually thought he was reading me a piece from Rollins.

Late Nights and Wicked Thoughts
Copyright 2005-John Lehman

Caring is screaming into the darkness

You walk in, spaced out, pissed off, strung out from the road. I can
see the lines of weariness marching in slow but sure formations
across your face. I say hello, ask how you are doing. You lie to
me, just like everyone else does, tell me you're doing just fine.
Who do you think you're fucking fooling? I can see in your eyes that
the only reason you're still moving is because you have had enough of
the shitty nine to five world you've been living in. You lie to me
because you think that I'm just like you, tired, oppressed, beaten
down by life. You don't know me. I ask because I care, that's my
curse. You think that I shouldn't be allowed to care about you, I
don't know you, I was in diapers still when you were working your
first shitty job. Well too fucking bad. I care, someone has to, god
knows you don't care enough about yourself. Don't give me your
bullshit about how you are just living your life when I can smell the
defeat coming off of you in sickening waves. I care all right, for
everyone, that's my curse.


So you come up to the counter with your selections. Another shitty
movie, some more shitty music, just what you need to top off another
shitty day in your shitty life. Images like sleeping pills drifting
across a wide screen suicide machine. Music like too much alcohol
lifts, drops and spins you into your own mental gutter. You know
that you will feel shitty in the morning. That's all right though,
why should tomorrow be any different from today, from yesterday, from
last week. You remember everything like it were only tomorrow, a
great big blur where the memories should be. Can't even remember the
last time you smiled. Have to remember to practice that, we can't
have you forgetting how to smile. Got to look pretty for the coroner
when he cuts you open and releases all the bad fluid and diseased
light from deep inside your guts.

So you melt your brains and blast your ears in some pathetic attempt
to escape the great human shit storm that is your life. Nice wish my
friend. Your days are filled with a dreary, unremarkable reality,
and your nights a gaudy neon fantasy world. Some people say that
they have divested themselves of a need to escape by simply accepting
the world as it is and seeing the beauty that is there. Yeah, and
I've got a bridge I can sell you buddy. It's these people that have
mastered the art of the escape, Houdini has nothing on them. Their
reality has become mixed with fantasy so much that they actually
believe the shit that they're spewing about the beauty of the world.
Fuck you friends, remove the cotton from your ears and the rose
colored glasses from your eyes and see the world for what it truly
is. Ugly, loud, and brutal. Accept that.

So many people in the world are consumed by hatred and driven by a
fear that they can't name. Afraid to live, too fucking scared to
die, they immerse themselves in pointless activities to make
themselves feel better. They make up rules for living that cannot be
broken and attribute the creation of the rules to some God figure.
Makes them more afraid to die I suppose. They should be scared, they
are right to be frightened, in fact they should be shaking and
pissing themselves at the thought of their own death. Why not,
there's no way for them to know what happens after they close their
eyes for the last time.

Praise God.
Praise Allah.
Mighty Zeus.
Wise Osirus.

Fuck them all. What have they done for the world lately that makes
any of them worth worshipping? New sexually transmitted diseases are
popping up all the time. New improved and now with all of the flavor
and half the fat, Atkins friendly. New ways for people to die alone
and miserable just for doing what they are programmed to do.
Programmed to screw, to perpetuate the species, doing it too well,
over running the earth. Nature is getting pissed off at us, trying
to figure out new and more inventive ways to kill us before we
destroy it. The wars we have with each other aren't shit compared to
the great global conflict that is going on between us and the world
we live in. Sure there are eco-freaks out there who try to take the
planet's side. They shout recycle, save the whale, don't cut down
the rainforest. Traitors all of them, put them all up against the
wall and have them shot.

That's what it is all coming down to anyway, if the earth kills us
off the earth wins. If we kill off the earth before we have some
other place to go, then we die too. I can see it now, having won the
war on earth humanity is declaring war against mars. President Bush
had this to say about the situation, "We gonna kill the shit out of
that red summbitch!"

Men and women, sons and daughters, we are in a bad way. It's time to
turn around. It's time to stop, make a clean break. See the world
as it is and make it the way it should be. Remove your trust from
the impotent Gods of the past and place your trust in yourself. Live
your fucking life for at least one day before you die. Make peace
with the earth. Start to care about people that you don't know and
cherish even more the ones that you do. Maybe my curse is that I
care too much.


Sign me;

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