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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

While Chris and I were avoiding each other at Node I met someone. Tim is an art student in Florida who comes back here a few times a year during breaks and such. We spent about 4 hours talking Tuesday night,and by the time he and his friend left we were making out. We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses, I called him wednesday and then we made plans to meet that night. This is what happened wednesday (I'm not sure of the exact times so I'm guessing):
10:30ish: Nick and I arrive at Club Anything to hang out, have drinks, etc
11:30ish: While looking for Nick, I ran into Tim. Greetings, hugs and kissing soon followed. He bought me a drink and we hung out talking, scoring free cigarettes and smoking up a little.

1:00ish: Nick and I left Club and went to Node, while I waited for Tim to get there after dropping all of his people off cos he was being the good designated driver.
2:30ish: Tim arrives at Node we hang out with other friends, kiss some more, and then go for a drive along the lakefront.
After a good few hours of driving and talking we went to breakfast, went back to his place watched a movie crashed out and then watched another movie. Essentially I spent 24 hours on a date. Thursday and friday followed in a similar fashion. The two of us spending all day and night together. Saturday was his last day here so me and a bunch of his friends went to Webbs, Potowatomi (He gave me $5 and I left with $49), went bowling, and then for another drive. He and I were together until about 6:30 this morning. He had to be at the airport at 11am. I had a really great week with him, and I'm looking forward to when he comes back this summer.

I start school tomorrow, and I may be getting a job at Miller Park. They need people to work on Opening Day. Working at Miller Park, YAY!!!!!!!! I love baseball in person.

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Current Music: Gerard Butler-Music of the Night