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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"With insomnia everything is a copy of a copy of a copy"-Fight Club

I have an interview at Miller Park at 4pm today. Which is both good and bad, I've been through two days of insomnia. I'm already running on a pot of coffee. I will be loopy as fuck. As soon as I get home I am passing out.
I started my placement testing at the literacy centre yesterday. I took two basic reading comprehension tests, my reading level is at a 12.9 (which is the ninth month of senior year), also I took a short practice GED reading comprehension test. I scored a 560, and you only need a 410 to pass. I could literally walk right in, take that test and pass with flying colours. Yay me! Theresa called me yesterday, left a message on my machine wondering if I had "untied the youngin from my bed yet". That made me laugh my ass off, cos Tim is younger. Good guy though, it really was weird not having breakfast with him Sunday morning. I'm pretty sure there was something else I was going to say. Piercings are fun to play with, that's what I wanted to say. It's official if I listen to Mr Brightside one more time today I will lose my fucking mind. *changes cds* This one's for you Tim *winx and sings* "Since I know how to low to go I won't let it show Won't you touch me touch me I won't let it go Now I stand and I peel for more won't you touch me touch me I won't let it go"

Current Mood: sillygetting loopier by the minute
Current Music: Days of the New-Touch Peel and Stand