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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

The first three poems are a combined effort. A concept Jay likes to call Tag-Team Poetry, the idea is one person writes one verse, the other writes a second and so on and so forth until all parties agree it is finished. All poems are then titled and posted at Jay's discretion (and mine when I participate) on his website: karmiccycle.tripod.com and here on my Livejournal. If any of you who read my Livejournal feel like participating contact me through here or Jay through his website, please e-mail us with "Tag" as the subject heading. Remember all poems are posted at our discretion, and all authors will be given credit for their contributions.

copyright 2005 Jennifer Alexander & John Lehman
(verses 1 & 3 Jennifer Alexander, verses 2 & 4 John Lehman)
In the early morning light
Handcuffed to your bed
To your dominance, I bend my head
Flesh wounds sting
As the razor makes my skin sing
Wrists struggling to escape
Because I enjoy the fight

In sweet twilight
Or dawn perhaps
To your wicked words, I lend an ear
My head still rings
With the lessons that you bring
Teaching of service
In scratches, whips, and bites

Ah, what a wicked game we start to play
Lips running over with wicked words to say
As my Master commands, so shall I obey
A kind of freedom flows
My safety in another's hands
Joyful sensations
Only my darkness understands

The dark that lies
Behind my eyes
Glowing black, pulsing like the secret
Held between my thighs
Though my master, also a slave
A slave to the passion that he gave
Full release to flood across
My screaming writhing body

Final Cries:
copyright 2005 John Lehman & Jennifer Alexander
(verses 1, 3, 5, 7 John Lehman verses 2, 4, 6 Jennifer Alexander Note: This piece is posted in verse form in order to give both authors credit where due, however it is to be read as an entire piece. In other words, ignore the verse breaks.)

You always acted sane and free
But in your mind a little door
Without a key
If you look inside
What would you see?
Won't be me

What would you see?
Deep dark secrets
Tortured soul
Something hidden
That kept me whole
How many pieces are missing?

Jigsaw pieces
Crystal bleeding heart
Without the whole
Lost all meaning

Broken frame
Shattered glass
Girlish smile
Torn to shreds
Staring behind the reflection

Reflections of him
Reflections of you
Killed so many times
Inside my mind
A thousand pale and bloated corpses
Haunt me

Lost in reflection
Torn with memories
Bloodied tears
Soul rotting
Like the silent
Haunting corpses

Lost within the past
Bled out
My saints have turned to ash

copyright 2005 Jennifer Alexander & John Lehman
(verses 1, 3, 5 Jennifer Alexander verses 2, 4, 6 John Lehman)

Walking barefoot in the rain
Searching to heal the pain
Bottom of my feet
Hitting broken cracked street
Lightning flash
Crack of thunder

Driving rain and pouring tears
Cannot erase all the years
You were kinda neat, so damned sweet
Pained memories clash
Like crack of lash

Was I ever sweet?
Seems so long ago
Innocence so foreign
Wild and torn
Childlike heart
That's fallen from grace

Grace? What do I know of grace?
Lied to me, I lied first
Lied in verse
The dark in me
The only place
That I can tear off this face

Visions of violence
Boom with thunder
Hard rain
Turn the page
Feel the rage
Thrust into your heart

Burn like ice
Burning burning melting
Blackened darkened
Walking barefoot in the rain
Bleeding steaming screaming
As you burn

Kill Me Once:
copyright 2005 Jennifer Alexander

As you lay in the bed
Where I once rested my head
Wicked burning lies
Pouring from your lips

I hate my tears
How I trusted you
Gave you my heart
Shattered once more

Lay in your bed
Fill her head with lies
Burn and cry
Kill me once more

When will I stop
Torturing myself
Cursing you
Loving you?

I have become Mr Brightside

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