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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I got the job at Miller Park :D I have training 29 & 30 March, paid training. Woot. Hung out with Johan, Nick, Trent, Aaron, and Jay on St. Patrick's Day. I realised why I don't drink on St. Patrick's Day, the buses are free after 6pm, which means they're filled with tons of wasted people. I tend to only tolerate being around numerous drunks when I actually am drunk. I don't drink very often so I tend to become cynical and disgusted when I'm around drunk people. Fucked up innit? Hobbes bullied me into buying a ticket to his show at the Rave on the 31st, and upon purchasing a ticket he gave me a 9MM Solution 3 song demo. I like it a lot, and hopefully will be able to buy their EP when I go to the show. Alex finally listened to the Attacked By Wolves cd I gave him, and he likes them :D
When Jay and I dropped Trent off yesterday morning, he played guitar for us which left me sitting there all entranced. I love sitting there watching and listening when Trent plays guitar. I'm like Trent's personal groupie without the shagging. *laughs* I wrote the following piece at Node on thursday night/friday morning. Trent loves the last line. I've been angry with a lot of things lately and this piece sort of reflects that anger and cynicsm.

Sick and Tired
copyright 2005 Jennifer Alexander

Sick of bullshit
Tired of lies
The stupid lines used
To jusitify my existence
Humanity is a disease
Rotting away into nothing
Spreading, multiplying
Contraception is a fucking lie
Death begins at birth
Abuse yourself
Use the innocents
The human stain
Never fades
Sick and tired
Of lies
Of humanity
Users, abusers
Smokers and jokers
Rose coloured glasses
Have been torn off
Society sees only what it wants
Injustice is blind
Humanity is a disease
Nuclear warfare is the cure
Bodies blown to ash
Vesuvius of my generation
Burn baby burn!

Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers-Don't Stop

sry jen, but i dont think ur gonna hear me play too much anymore, i dont have it in me to do it anymore. ive been trying since u dropped me off and i just cant. im sorry

Don't apologise. I understand completely, you're raw, vulnerable, and extremely hurt. You do need a healthy distraction, and for the life of me I can't think of one. Just remember you're a great guy Trent. <3