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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"Anywhere you hang yourself is home"-Henry Rollins

I'm staring at this screen, wondering what the hell to say. I started at Miller Park last week, and it was pretty cool. I'm a glorified waitress. I work again on Opening Day. My sister and father say it's going to be the Apocalypse, but one of the runners I work with say it won't be too bad. I spose I'll have to wait and see. School is also going well, I started my math tutoring, which isn't too bad so far. I did basic addition on Wednesday and some subtraction and multiplication. I solved a problem that was 3 digits multiplied by 2 digits by myself and got it right! I'm proud of myself for that because I'm really shitty at math. I can't do it in my head at all. I read at open mike night a couple of weeks ago at Bremen Cafe. I was really nervous and probably sounded like a retard, but it was kind of liberating after my shaking legs carried me off stage. Jay and I kind of have a tradition when we go to Bremen, we both pull out pens and paper and start writing. This next piece was written at Bremen while Matt was on my mind.

Bonfire Night:
copyright 2005 Jennifer Alexander

Under an English sky
A blood moon rose
As if conjured by the bonfire
A fireworks display
In honour of the traitor
You saved me from a firework gone astray
I laughed away the concern in your eyes
You were so sweet
My hero
My angel
You were my blonde Asian
The Viking that held me close
Under an English sky
In the twilight
As the blood moon rose
You were my everything

copyright 2005 Jenifer Alexander

I slipped your ring on today
And all at once it came flooding back
How I cried when you asked
The way I smiled
The first time I saw you
The English summer spent in your arms
Peacefully gazing at the River Thames
I'll never forget that day
Standing in the muddy field
I loved you so much
I cried every time I saw you drive away
Counted the days til you came again
I miss you sometimes
The way we played
The way we loved
My English summer
I still cry when I think about you
My first true love
First real heartache
I cried when you asked
I cried during the flight
Screamed your name into the night
Now I wear your ring
I can't help but think of you
And the English summer that changed my life

Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Elton John-Tiny Dancer